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Rather Have a Root Canal?

So I have a root canal scheduled at the dentist for tomorrow. . . . makes me wonder why the phrase “I’d rather have a root canal” was created. So tomorrow I will drop off my niece that I watch during three days of the week with grandma, go to my dentist appointment, pick the niece back up, go home and then continue on with my three classes worth of homework.

Honestly, I’d rather have a root canal, but wait! Does that turn of phrase still apply? Do I get the use of this after I just had that particular procedure done?

I suppose I will go back though the ages with anthropology, and wade through the economics, and finally round out my day with with obscure theories and statistics that somehow work with organizational theory and behavior. *sigh* And what makes this process insanely difficult is the daytime children’s television that will be entertaining the niece while I attempt to focus through the local anesthetic which will invariably wear off during my first half hour of study. Dinosaur train! (head throbs); Super Why! (jaw aches); Sid the Science Kid! (takes yet another dose of Tylenol). Yeah, I can totally see this one coming.

So I guess I will have to do some more research and find out who uttered that they would rather have a root canal, and what the alternative was. Will keep you posted.

Back to hitting the books,

John D.


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