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So the plauge happened.

Remember how I got sick during Spring Break? Well, the rest of the family fell ill with the head-cold/plague not long after and we’re still not quite recovered. Can you even believe that? It’s been almost a month. Damn. Maybe someday we’ll quit coughing, sneezing, and blowing our noses. But that day is not today.

John and I are headed into finals week soon and we’re very excited (No. We’re not.) and my college graduation is the week after finals! Yay!

In an amazing feat of over-scheduling, graduation falls on the very same night at the very same time as one of our children’s band concerts. So. How do we manage to be in two towns at the same time? Answer: I’m skipping graduation and going to the concert. Not because I love middle school concerts (hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) but because the kid gets graded on concert attendance and I will still graduate whether I attend the graduation ceremony or not.


Newly commissioned officers celebrate their ne...

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Plus, I graduated with one degree last year and I’ll graduate with my bachelor’s next year (hopefully) so we’ll just do the whole graduation-thing then.


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