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Things I do for Science

External view of a fetal pig

Fetal Pig: Image via Wikipedia

Flat connectivity structure of propionaldehyde

Propionaldehyde: Image via Wikipedia


So I disposed of the bodies this week. . . . Yeah bodies, little pink pig ones that had been used over the past week and a half in the anatomy lab for dissection. Funny how there does not seem to be a problem ordering the fetal pigs and using them in class, but when it is time for disposal my name seems to keep popping up. All there was to do was let the excess preservative fluid drain off and put the carcasses in a plastic bag for the dumpster, which was not in any way difficult. But people at the college where I work seem to be hands off when it comes to doing the dirty disposal and cleanup  and you can call for volunteers and hear nothing but crickets in response. Had an inordinate amount of fun pushing the sealed garbage can down the hallway and vaguely telling people that I was disposing of the bodies when they asked what I was doing, the looks and reactions were priceless. First they looked confused, then offended, then they would either think of something that they had to be on the other side of campus for, or they would remember that I worked in the science lab and I was disposing of dissection carcasses and start to laugh. Either way it was fun to startle the students and staff out of their routine for the moment.

I also had a good time re-bottling  some of the chemicals for the organic chemistry lab this week. I was working in the lab doing this at the same time the geology professor was using the lab to sort and research some of the fossil specimen that she had not had the chance to go through. At lunchtime we were still hard at work and I finally got to re-bottling the propionaldehyde, which is an organic aldehyde that happens to have the spell of apples. So as I am in the middle of filling small dropper bottles of this stuff, I start to hear groans from across the room from the geology professor, who apparently had not had lunch yet and the smell from what I was working with had been torturous.

I am a part-time technician’s assistant at the college where I attend classes. I work primarily with the chemistry technician, but often need to work with the biology, physics and geology professors to make sure they have what they need to hold class in the labs where I work.

Love my job!

Back to hitting the books,

John D.


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