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Monday Laziness

Today is my day at home with Niece. We had big plans to work on our Valentines and eat leftover spaghetti for lunch, but I’m too tired for Valentines. And it’s cold today, so we’re snuggled up with blankets, me with the laptop for extra warmth, eating granola bars and watching cartoons.

I tried really, really hard to get my homework done while the kids were awake this weekend, I swear I did. But it’s hard to concentrate on anything while the kids are noisily engaged in Epic Battle MCCXXXIV: Ninja Turtle-Princess vs. Darth Maul & Co. 2nd Edition.

So I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls for a while, contemplated taking a nap, and then watched Downton Abbey. But it was a special 2-hour episode and I didn’t get started on my homework until 10:00 p.m.

And that’s why I’m tired today.

I actually did manage to get my homework done and turned in on time yesterday, but not having anything due TODAY is not exactly motivating me to do any of it EARLY, which is going to hork up my weekend I’m sure.

John and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary this weekend and I’m sure he would appreciate it if I wasn’t bogged down with homework, as would I. We have big plans to send the children to my father’s house–the first time he will ever have all four of them spend the night at the same time, he’s a brave one my dad–and maybe go catch a grown-up movie and have dinner or something.



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