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Spring Break, a re-cap

Our Spring Break was pretty nontraditional. In fact, you could say it was rather lame.

The kids’ schools and the college all had Spring Break at the same time, which is actually kind of nice–a whole week where we can all sleep in past 6 o’clock every morning! Poor John, though, had the week off from work too, so he was stuck at home with our four kids and Niece all by himself while I lucked out and went to work for a few days.

The kids, under strict supervision from John, spent the week tidying the house in preparation for the big birthday bash on Saturday. The house looked lovely! John got us caught up on laundry and dishes and even made a bunch of home made bread. (Isn’t he great, folks?)

Then I got sick. Two of the kids got sick, too. And we still had a birthday party planned for Saturday. (You can see where this is going, right?) I spent the entire party either blowing my nose or huddled under a blanket on the far side of the room so as not to infect anyone else.

I’m better now though, but still not quite well enough to go to work, I’m just better enough that I don’t want to die every time I cough or sneeze (which is a lot).


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Jane, Plant Killer Extraordinaire

I have two bosses. Sweet Boss and Feisty Boss, who is also sweet but somewhat feistier than Sweet Boss.

Feisty Boss (Image credit Microsoft Office Clip Art)

Sweet Boss (Image credit Microsoft Office Clip Art)

Sweet Boss invited me to order out for lunch with the rest of the gang last week. I had to decline because, unfortunately, I can’t afford to order lunch from a restaurant, even if it is the fast food (a.k.a. cheaper) version of restaurant cuisine–homemade meals are so much more budget-friendly, don’t you agree?

Sweet Boss now thinks that I’m anti-social and a liar, but she had the good grace not to say so to my face.

Feisty Boss makes me water her plants when she’s away. I am not a plant person and I have no idea how much water is “not enough”, “just right”, or “OMG don’t drown it for God’s sake!”

Last week, Feisty Boss asked me to water her plants, so I did. But I did it wrong. When I got to work today, Feisty Boss asked me if I had even watered the plants at all.

“Yes,” I said. “I watered all the plants.” I pointed to which plants I had watered.

“Hmm…” said Feisty Boss.

“This one,” she said, pointing to the one I watered last, when the water in the watering can was getting low, “This one didn’t get enough water and it was looking almost dead this morning when I got to work.”

“Oh my,” said I. “I made sure to water that plant.” (After I checked to be sure it wasn’t a plastic plant. Because there are plastic plants ALL OVER this campus. Because why not, right?)

I’m not in trouble for being broke and/or anti-social or (nearly) killing my boss’s plant. But trust me, you do NOT want me in charge of your office greenery. John now, he’s another story. Make him do it.

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We are really over-scheduled here at the Doe house. John and I prefer to limit outside activities to zero, but with a bunch of birthdays, concerts, detentions, music lessons, and such, we can’t avoid leaving the house with all the kids at least once each week for the whole month of March (including Spring Break). Yuck.

"The Kids"

(We don't have this many kids, but some days, it feels like we do.)

The kids have a serious case of Cabin Fever and have gotten pretty squirrely in the evenings to the point that I want to ground them all forever so I can legitimately send them to bed early every night. Forever.

But that’s mean and sort of uncalled for, right? So instead, we’ve been doing extra chores in preparation for the Big Combined Birthday Party on the 17th. (Two of the kids, my sister, and I all have birthdays in March, so we do our parties all at once. It’s rowdy and fun!)

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

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